Nimrod Santo

Interview with Nimrod Santo: Traveler, Surfer, and Business Developer

Direct-Response Marketer Nimrod Santo in a Helicopter

We’re constantly hearing about the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, but very few people explain just how to do that in a successful way. From calendars full of meetings to endless deadlines, the actual act of separating work from life in a healthy, productive way is daunting and seemingly impossible for many. Despite this, however, there are successful professionals who have done just that.

Nimrod Santo is someone who has been able to balance his work schedule with his life schedule with an unmatched ability. Nimrod Santo knows how to go from the board room to the surfboard – literally. It’s with this balance that Nimrod Santos has been able to accomplish both personal and professional success. That’s why we’ve sat down with Nimrod Santo to understand just how he does it. Here is our interview with Nimrod Santo: traveler, surfer, and business developer.

Nimrod Santo during one of his travels.

Let’s jump straight to the tough questions: how have you achieved work-life balance?

The simple answer is that I truly enjoy both. While I enjoy my time on the waves or traveling the world, I do also have a love for being an entrepreneur. For me, having an equity among my passions allows me to achieve a balance that allows me to truly be better, more focused, and happier across the board (no pun intended!).

How has your time surfing and traveling enhanced your professional life?

When I surf and travel, I’m able to relax, converse, and learn on a very human level that people can easily forget if they’re stuck in an office all day. As an entrepreneur, this skill is even more valuable as I grow my business with the help of clients, investors, and everyone I come in contact with. By investing in my personal time, I’m able to bring a unique lightness to my life and role within my business ventures.

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What are you most proud of in your career as an online entrepreneur?

Nimrod Santo riding the waves.

Being a successful entrepreneur takes equal parts dedication, creativity, and social skills. I’ve worked hard to grow as a leader in each of these and incorporate each into my business. Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve certainly had my ups and downs, but I’ve been able to grow from them to become what I am today in a way that I never could have achieved without those dips.

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What should people know about the direct-response marketing field?

Direct-response marketing is interesting in how it asks consumers to make an action on the spot, which elicits spontaneity from the consumer by dripping into what a consumer truly wants on a subconscious level. While direct-response marketing is a younger model of marketing, it’s proving to be a great tool to businesses looking for new ways to learn what their consumers truly want. I recently launched my website where I talk about all the trade secrets of digital marketing and its role in growing businesses. Show some love by sharing it on social media.

How do you maintain your personal and professional success?

I continue to enjoy the ride. There’s not a day that goes by that I think I’d be happier doing something else. I listen to my head and heart to ensure that they’re aligned and I’m able to be my best and do my best every day.


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