Kyle Thomas – Founder and CEO Of InventureX Is Changing the Way Crowdfunding Is Approached

While some entrepreneurs manage to use crowdfunding to launch new products and achieve their goals, most of them fail to gain traction on these platforms. Kyle Thomas, the Founder and CEO of InventureX, is all too familiar with the sorts of difficulties that entrepreneurs experience. Over the past seven years, InventureX Crowdfunding has delivered industry leading advertising campaigns, designed to overcome the traditional obstacles associated with crowdfunding. We spoke to Kyle recently, to find out why he chose to transform the way that business owners acquire capital. 

What inspired you to start InventureX?

I always wanted to work with creative people, who enjoyed taking ideas and making them a reality. In addition, I have witnessed how innovative entrepreneurs have struggled to obtain cash to get their businesses up and running. Therefore, it occurred to me that a different approach to crowdfunding would be effective. I started experimenting with advertising techniques to connect with larger audiences, using press outreach. The rest is history, and it has been a wonderful journey up to now.

What are your current projects?

At the moment, we are concentrating on attracting more eyeballs to our clients’ campaigns. Once their ventures gain some momentum, it is vital to have the scope for future growth. We are always devising new strategies to make our clients’ advertising campaigns more impactful. Also, we constantly endeavor to enhance our daily interactions with others. We wish to sustain or build on our eighty-six percent rate of success. 

Describe a normal day at the office to me. How do you organize your tasks?

No two days are alike. It is paramount, as far as I am concerned, to plan ahead — to avoid unwanted distractions. After I have finished the standard tasks, like holding meetings and checking emails etc, I start thinking about ways to innovate. I do not just ‘live in the moment’ at work, because I always have to consider the company’s future direction.

Kyle Thomas, Founder and CEO of InventureX

What would you advise entrepreneurs to do regularly, to improve their productivity?

I think it is important to create a supportive working environment that will encourage people to perform well. If my staff lack drive, because they are getting negative vibes from me, they will not produce the outcomes I want. At the end of the week, I usually share light-hearted content and articles with them, so that they go home with smiles on their faces. However, I always try to ensure that my interactions with them are positive.

Can you talk about an emerging trend you are excited by?

Crowdfunding and blockchain technology are generating a lot of publicity right now. Basically, businesses will be able to produce their own cryptocurrencies and sell these, in the same way that established crypto platforms sell Bitcoin now. The possibilities surrounding this are absolutely mind boggling! I am intrigued to see how this technology develops in future, because I can envisage all sorts of ways that our company could embrace it.

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